Power Up With PowerPoint Presentation Tips

If you’ve got something really explosive to say, say it and rev up your showpiece with the PowerPoint presentation tips you’ve hoarded from various sources. But no matter how much you’ve loaded up, it’s still your game on the line. But practice makes perfect.

Why Dazzle Them With Your PowerPoint Presentation?

Convincing the boss, your co-workers, and clients that you haven’t been mentally hibernating can be tricky. If you’ve got something new to say about sales, customer service, company spending, and boosting efficiency in the workplace, show them what you’ve got. Your presentation for your next web conference will depend on how you’ve maximized the PowerPoint presentation tips to get your message across.

No matter how hot your piece is, when you haven’t tried out the PowerPoint presentation tips, your efforts will fall flat with a sickly whimper. Why? On top of the tips, you’ve got to practice saying less to say more. But why the need to dazzle your audience? Here’s why:

1. You want your audience to get your message right on target.

2. You want the introduced idea to be accepted on its merits.

3. You need to cut costs in the wake of the sluggish dollar.

4. You have a good project that’ll rake in money.

5. You want to be in your boss’s hot list for promotions.

6. You want to show off, and rightly so.

7. You’ve got to maximize time and money spent for your web conference.

There may be more reasons that are personal, but the thing is getting your message across loud and clear to avoid confusion, project implementation delays, and lost revenues. But dazzling them with savvy from the bag of tricks you’ve acquired from your PowerPoint presentation tips is your hidden agenda. You might just get the applause and the promotion too.

Get the Cutting Edge from Power Point Presentation Tips

So what are those PowerPoint presentation tips that make your argument a cut above the rest? Here’s what:

1. Avoid long sentences per slide. Keep it to a minimum of 7-10 lines. Remember you are showing not only words, but other graphics. Just use keywords and phrases, instead of long sentences. Your boss does not want to be encumbered with both words and data or images vying for his attention.

2. Your text font should be big enough, but must not go beyond 20-32 font size. Use bullets to make your presentation crisp. Your titles should be within the 32 -50 font size.

3. Limit the number of slides. People cannot catch your drift if you’ve got so many slides clamoring for their short attention spans. Try to spend at least 45 seconds per slide and don’t rush. Let your ideas sink into the consciousness of your audience. And avoid speaking in a monotone. Put life into your words and pause when it’s necessary. These all add up to hi-powered PowerPoint presentation.

4. Avoid overly artsy slides. Opt for white backgrounds and dark text. It is much more effective and readable in lighted rooms. If you are going to use darkened conference areas, use two-tone color slides.

5. Make judicious use of animations or else risk confusion and distraction from the main piece.

6. Time your presentation. If you are given time limits per presentation, check out how long your PowerPoint presentation will take. Tighten the entire production to meet the requirement.

These PowerPoint presentation tips will help you make a better performance in the coming meeting and all future web conferences. So power up now and be the toast of the town.

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