BuyAGift Has Presents for Everyone

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BuyAGift is a UK online gift shop that has a great reputation and some really brilliant gift ideas.

It’s easy to shop with confidence with them as they offer you a Best Price Guarantee. They want you to know that when you buy with them you are getting the best deal possible on the internet. They make a promise that if you buy from them and then see the same gift experience cheaper online within a fortnight of you buying it then they will refund you 150% of the difference. This is a fantastic offer and it means you can never lose out! It’s very reassuring as how many times have you bought things in the past only to find you could have saved a bit of money by shopping elsewhere – that’ll never happen with BuyAGift and they will ensure you are more than adequately compensated. This is a unique offer from them! It beats price match guarantees of other shops as it offers you more than the difference!

They have two main types of gifts – the gift experience where you get a voucher to use for a driving day, sports activity or a pampering day, or whatever sort of treat you’ve got lined up. They also do real gifts that you can send like chocolates and flowers! It’s possible to shop for your whole family at BuyAGift as they have a wide range of presents that will suit old and young and every type of person no matter how adventurous they are, or what hobbies they enjoy.

There are a range of short breaks available and these include some really romantic locations making them idea as gifts for couples! It’s a fantastic way of giving a couple you love a really special holiday!

Their range of traditional gifts makes it easy to find gifts for your family as well as friends. For the kids there are sweet hampers, for the grown ups wine and champagne! There really is a gift for everyone! It’s easy to shop too – use the menus to navigate or use the search options to quickly track down great gifts you’ve got in mind!

If you can’t decide what to get then they have help for you – with pages to help you find the best gift for your mum, for someone who’s just had a baby, and lots of other people pages.The gift ideas for women is well worth a look if you’re stuck for present ideas for your mates too – there’s some really great suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of, as well as lots of treats where you can take more than one person! These make fantastic presents for hen nights or stag nights too!

Driving gifts is always popular for the blokes with a wide variety of really exotic sports cars available to drive for track days! They’re perfect for all petrol heads and will be really enjoyed! Make a day of it and take the kids along to watch! There’s lots of family days out too with discounts on tickets for theme parks!

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Make Use of A Parcel Service To Get Christmas Presents Delivered

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As that hectic time of year comes around, people need to start thinking about what they are going to need to do to prepare for Christmas. Many people have got a lot of presents to buy for their friends, family and other loved ones. The majority of these gifts will usually be handed over in person but there are also huge numbers that need to be delivered to their lucky recipients. Whether the delivery is to somewhere else within the UK or to a place farther afield, making use of a parcel service company can be the perfect option.

You will find that many couriers will be able to offer overseas deliveries, some may only deliver to mainland Europe while others spread their network all over the world. Wherever it is that you need to send something to, you can easily find a company that can get it there on time. You may be sending something to a dear old aunt living at the other end of the country or it may be to a sibling that has moved to the other side of the world. Either way, by choosing a professional courier, you can ensure that your presents arrive in time for the big day.

The cost of using a courier is not even as high as many people sometimes think. You can get items sent within the UK for less than 10 and also get things delivered to most areas of Europe for less than 20. When using a professional company, you also get the added benefits of liability cover and the use of a tracking service. The cover you get may not necessarily be as valuable as the package but it is a start and gives you a bit of added security. Using the companies tracking services means that you can easily go online and check up on where about your parcel is. The system will show the stages of the delivery cycle so you can tell when the gifts have been received.

Christmas time can be a pretty stressful time for many people. There is so many things that need to be bought and organised that it can start to pile up. Choosing to use a parcel service to get some of your presents delivered can help to make things that little bit simpler for you. Obviously it is not going to take away the main stresses but you will at least get that extra peace of mind that your packages will be delivered safely and on time.

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Accessible and Present!

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Leadership is a part of our personality and we decide if we want to let others see it or not. You can be reserved and be a great leader; and the opposite is true too. And in order to develop our skill sets, we take steps to reveal ourselves/our personalities. On a daily basis, I strive to be accessible and present. When you are neither, it’s difficult to be construed as a resource, let alone a leader.

With a multitude of constant distractions, it’s often a challenge to focus our energy. However, that focus is more often rooted in a commitment. And whether they are acknowledged or assumed, we offer commitments day in and day out. I often see people who place themselves in servant roles and disclaim themselves from leadership responsibilities. On the contrary, any time we make a commitment we enter into a leadership role.

Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, “Each night before I go to bed, I try myself by Court Martial to see if I have done something really effective during the day – I don’t mean merely pawing the ground, anyone can go through the motions, but something really effective.” On a daily basis we are each given opportunities. Some are large and some are small, but each one has an inherent capacity to be great. And it’s within us all to determine if we will carry those opportunities through the motions, or transform them into something really effective.

We all contribute to the greater good when we aspire to being committed, accessible and present; A leader by any other name.

On a daily basis, I strive to be accessible and present. When you are neither, it’s difficult to be construed as a resource, let alone a leader. It essential to focus on all aspects of business and provide customers with the best possible service.

In 2010 Scott Tubbs and Orlando Espinosa founded Emineo Media. An interactive marketing firm focused on offering an affordable, end-to-end solution for establishing and sustaining an effective, results-driven Internet presence. When you work with Emineo Media, you are able to concentrate on your core business and avoid the high costs and technical challenges of managing an Internet presence in-house.

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Web Design – Present Your Business Online!

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Every year, the world’s population grows, businesses appear from nowhere, news is spreading with the speed of the light, and internet is becoming an ordinary thing that no one can live without.

Internet is becoming an essential medium for businesses to communicate with costumers and associates. Literally, every business needs an online presence these days, and having a website is the one of the key elements in every business commercial strategy.

Today the investment in producing a well designed website is a necessity in the business world. As an owner of a business consulting house, some years ago I could not imagine the advantages of having my own business website. But I do now.

I am writing this for all my clients and prospects (not only Sydney based, but Australia wide) as my concerns are justified. I will tell you about particular website building issues, since I’ve received plenty confusing questions for this topic.

For the absolute beginners, I would explain the very basic terms for this matter in a plain language, and in my next article I will provide a wide description for each of them, and many more.

* Website – the online presentation (store) of your business outside your building, office, factory
* Website Design – the face of your company online
* Web Development – the brain, functionality of your website

The Web Design and Development Company you hire, should be considered a business partner just as all others business associates. There are a lot of Sydney Web Design companies that offer a wide range of customized web design and development services, but how to choose the right one for your business is a hard thing.

Well, choose a company that provides not only web design and development services, but and all other services that are essential for creating, growing and maintaining your business online, and more important, company that have years of experience as it is priceless and with good portfolio background.

Let’s see where to start:

1. Creating your online company – website. You decided to have a web site which presents your company online. Well, you need a name (domain), address (IP address) and space where you will operate online. Without them you don’t exist on internet. The root service that provides these things is called web hosting.

2. Website design and web development are fundamental too. Without them you don’t have a website. The professional web designer will know how to design your website completely in synchronization with your corporate image, and together with the web developer to create website that establishes your professionalism, and have only a positive effect towards your business. From the graphic design materials, logo design, to banner ads, your web designer acknowledges the importance of quality web design that will stay competitive and user friendly.

3. Now it’s time to grow your business. For this you need, an online marketing services, like SEO – search engine optimization, e – commerce, e -mail,…, that will enhance the corporate name and increase the brand awareness of your product and services to your target group of customers. I assume that this services are not familiar almost for everyone, thus I will explain them in my future posts. Don’t have doubts, this services certainly will have surprising effects on your business.

4. Website maintenance. Remember, support is crucial. When choosing a web design and development company in Sydney, always ask for support and maintenance. The website is alive, just like your company. It will suffer changes as your company and your business grows. Your will need professionals to take care of your website for you.

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Make Your Bathroom Presentable and Comfortable

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The way you present yourself to anyone you come across the street affects on how you deal the daily situation you face every day. If you feel comfortable when talking to someone, that’s one of the way you can say that you have self-confidence. So to give yourself self-confidence that will stay with you the whole day, make yourself presentable right from your house especially in your bathroom.

In such a way that you start your day in your bathroom, this place should be the first source of your comfort and self-confident. Cleaning and grooming yourself are among the things that give comfort. And you did these things in your bathroom.

Moreover, the appearance of your bathroom might also affect the way you feel on that day. If you deal in an unorganized bathroom, you will get uneasiness dealing inside your bathroom. Another discomfort that might occur in your bathroom is when you have the poor bathroom lighting scheme. Well, how you get your task done properly if you are struggling to see what you are doing. More importantly, lighting is very important in your bathroom to give you safety inside it.

Bathroom lighting is one of the important things you need to provide for your bathroom. It is thing that has great effects in everything you have inside the room. From the general illumination, accent lighting and task lighting is what you need to make your bathroom a real place of comfort.

Just like in any part of your house, you also need to plan the bathroom lighting in order to get the proper shades of lights for an easy dealing in your in this place.

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The Three Components of an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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People take Microsoft PowerPoint training to learn how to use the software, but using PowerPoint is not the same as making a good presentation. You need skills beyond what you learn in Microsoft PowerPoint training. There are three elements in a good PowerPoint talk: the speech, the report, and the slides.

The Most Important Component – Your Presentation

This doesn’t mean the PowerPoint slides; it means your speech. “Speech” may not the best word since that brings to mind a speaker who drones monotonously while listeners daydream. The goal of your presentation is communication. The best communication imparts information through emotion.

We have two sides to our brains, one concerned with facts and figures and one with creativity and emotion. A speaker who appeals to both sides communicates the most effectively. Think about the last time you heard a speaker who really held your attention. It was probably someone animated and engaging.

To deliver a great presentation, you don’t need to be overly animated or attempt to tell lots of jokes. Giving a great presentation is about connecting with your audience, speaking to them rather than at them, and holding their attention. It’s about interacting with your audience more than you interact with your PowerPoint slides.

The Second Most Important Component – Your Document

At the beginning of the presentation, DO tell the audience you will be handing out a document containing all the details of the presentation. This way, they won’t need to take notes and can pay attention to the presentation. There are two absolute “don’ts” regarding this document. DON’T hand it out at the beginning or people will tend to ignore you as they read it. DON’T just make copies of your PowerPoint slides.

The report can be as detailed as you like. Unlike your talk, people can skim through it and focus on the areas important to them. Putting details in here keeps you from losing your audience due to information overload.

The Least Important (But Still Important) Component – Your PowerPoint

Perhaps the least important element in your PowerPoint presentation is the actual PowerPoint! It’s still significant, but it shouldn’t be the core of your presentation. It should reinforce your speech, not replace it. It should contain some information, but nowhere near the level of detail of your report.

Keep your slides simple so they don’t distract from the message. You will be tempted to use all the cool techniques from your Microsoft PowerPoint training; resist the urge. Clip art and slide transitions don’t enhance your presentation; they obscure it.

Graphics are effective tools, probably more effective than words on PowerPoint slides. Not the graphs and charts you learned about in Microsoft PowerPoint training, but pictures that evoke emotion and drive your point home.

A good presentation has these three elements. If you show PowerPoint slides, read from the slides, and hand out copies of the slides, you haven’t incorporated three elements. You’ve used one element three times. The components should be distinct and complementary, each building on the other two to create a harmonious whole.

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Presentation Crisis – How a Quote, Cartoon and Story Could Save Your Career

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The Six Blind Men and the Elephant saved my job.

Props provide a powerful way of enhancing presentations. Verbal arguments aren’t enough to convince people of your message. Try using visuals such as charts or cartoons, or physical props such as products or tools. Verbal props come in several forms: quotations from famous people, anecdotes, plays, poems or even questions.

The following is a true report of how I used my new-found communication skills and a combination of props to get me out of hot water with my company’s auditors.

The auditors had submitted a report suggesting that I, as the chief supply manager, had exceeded my purchasing approval authority. I strongly disagreed and tried explaining to them the difference between our use of approval authority and implementation authority within the computer system. They did not buy my explanation – that is, until I had a chance to meet with them.

The meeting seemed to take forever. Tension clouded the room, because the auditors intended to remain firm on their “observation” and everyone knew my position.

Finally, it was my turn. I started: “I offer the quotation from George Bernard Shaw who said, ‘In the right key you can say anything, in the wrong key, nothing.’ So to help set the right key I ask you to look at this cartoon and parable that I am passing out.”

There were some raised eyebrows at this point, but no one objected to my strange approach – yet.

After everyone had a copy of the handout I continued:

“This cartoon shows the parable of the six blind men and the elephant. The six blind men went to see the elephant, but being blind they had to examine the elephant with their hands. Each touched a different part of the elephant and noted their observation. For example, the first clutched the swaying trunk and said, ‘The elephant must be a snake.’ The next grabbed the tail and noted, ‘The elephant is really like a rope.’ Another fell against the side and exclaimed, ‘Oh my, this elephant is like a wall.’ Hugging the leg the next argued, ‘The elephant is like a tree.’ The fifth, while holding the tusk, stated, ‘You are all wrong, I know it is like a spear.’ And finally, the sixth felt the flapping ear and noted, ‘This elephant is surely like a fan.’”

The nervous laughter dissipated the tension and now the people were more relaxed. Then I explained how the computer system we were using was very big and complicated, like an elephant, and that we had poor documentation. Therefore, it was unreasonable for any visitor to fully understand the workings in a two-week period (this was the duration of the auditors’ visit). The heads nodded in agreement at this point. Then I showed a flowchart of our approval process – emphasizing that the “approval” they were focusing on was only “an approval to print”.

The bottom line is they understood my point, and the audit report was changed. It is important to know that the facts were unchanged from my earlier discussions with them, but this time I packaged my sale and they bought it.

When was the last time you had a proposal or idea turned down? Could it have gone better if you had taken more care to sell it? To deliver a powerful message understand your audience, be clear on your purpose, plan your approach – and use props!

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8 Presentation Tips in Running a Training

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Public speaking is said to be the greatest fear in the world; therefore it is only natural to prepare and feel comfortable when making an oral presentation or holding a training. Here you can find several tips to reassure you that any fear can be beaten and you can succeed in your speech.

1. Don’t forget that emotions of fear and anxiety are quite natural when in the position of speaking in public. This does not necessarily have to be bad because it gives you an amount of arousal that facilitates your performance.

2. If you are afraid that you will forget your speech, make some key message notes on palm cards and hold them close during the training. If it happens that you forget your words, don’t panic, and take a few seconds to calm down and remember the main subject. It may happen that you will come up with new ideas that will benefit the audience understand the topic even better.

3. Never be defensive or get argumentative if you are confronted by questions to which you do not hold the answer or hostile comments from the participants. Respond in a diplomatic manner, thank for the question, and tell him/her to give you his /her contacts to offer the response to the question after you have thoroughly researched it.

4. When delivering, watch the participants’ non verbal communication. See if you are on the same page with them, if they understand what you are transmitting. Pay extra attention to those with incongruent behavior, verbally stating one thing while their non verbal behavior is stating something else. Do not be afraid to ask questions about participants’ non verbal signals.

5. Practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your speech not only to remember what you have to say but also to master your non verbal language. By practicing in front of a mirror or videotaping yourself you will surely be able to identify your flaws and correct your posture, gestures and movement.

6. Learn to emphasize and transmit ideas through your Para verbal communication. Your voice is one of your most powerful weapons in teaching. Be enthusiastic for new information, lower and serious tone for key messages. Get the attention and interest of the audience and maintain it through the fluctuation of your tone, speed, volume and intonation.

7. Keeping eye contact is crucial in a training in order to create the bond with the audience and enhance their trust in your knowledge and preparation. A great way in keeping eye contact, but not hindering too long on one participant, is the “Lighthouse Technique”, which implies making eye contact with the audience from left to right or right to left, 3 seconds per each participant.

8. Last but not least, visualize yourself succeeding! Begin by breathing and remember why your objective!

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Three Tips that Develop Your Presentation Skills

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Try these tips to deliver better presentations at work, PTA meetings, or social functions. You’ll notice that the main concerns are not about what you say (content), but how you say it (stage presence).

1) Create personal presence.

Most professionals have some level of expertise in delivering presentations because speaking and writing are the most visible of all skills. So to stand out from the crowd, you have to recognize and develop the personal presence to command attention and gain buy-in. Personal presence involves four things: a) body language–what people see; b) your language–the words you choose and the way you deliver them; c) your ability to think on your feet; and d) your actions (character, track record, results).

2) Engage your audience; don’t lecture them.

The higher you go in an organization, the more your presentations will involve give-and-take. That is, you no longer can expect to walk in and do a data dump. You must compel your group to hear you out, be willing and able to discover and address their reservations and concerns, and finally move them to action–and make them happy about it.

3) Anticipate questions–and have a complete response ready.

Nothing showcases your expertise–or destroys your credibility–like your performance during the Q&A period. You either shine or sabotage the rest of your efforts by how well you think on your feet. Many people fear Q&A but think they can’t prepare for this part of the presentation. Of course you can. Identify the tough questions you’ll face and prepare a solid response, with detailed support and stories to make your answer memorable.

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The Most Important Slide In Your Presentation Is No Slide At All

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Imagine yourself in the audience as the speaker leads you through his colorful PowerPoint presentation. Midway through his presentation, the screen fades to black, and the speaker is momentarily silent. Where do your eyes go? To the speaker, of course. Silence sweeps over the room as all eyes focus on the speaker and all ears anticipate the next words. You’ve just experienced one of the most important techniques to keep your audience engaged

PowerPoint and Keynote are incredible tools, but as we’ve learned the hard way from ice cream and tequila, too much of a good thing is…well…a bad thing. Too many speakers use PowerPoint as an 8-foot projected version of their speaking notes, in effect a teleprompter on display to all, rather than a complement to their oration. Never underestimate the power of the spoken word when delivered in its raw state, sans flip-charts, white boards or PowerPoint slides. Such unfettered speech has served many generations well, and, in some cases, has changed the world profoundly.

You can tap into this power by including a blank, black slide in your presentation, to focus your audience’s attention on you, and by doing so, bringing a special importance to your words in their ears. Use the slide to pause for a moment, let the room get quiet, and let the anticipation build for your next words. (If the room you’re presenting in is extremely dark, you might consider a gray or blue slide so that a bit of light is still present. This is easier on the eyes and safer in case someone is wandering about the room. I have three different slides prepared and hide the two I won’t use depending on the characteristics of the room.) To prepare your black slide, simply create a new slide, then right click on the slide and select Format Background… Next, click the Solid fill radio button and check the Hide background graphics box. Select Color and choose the color you want to make your slide and select Close. Finally, in the Slide Sorter view (select View, Slide Sorter) highlight the black slide, select Animations and pick the Fade Smoothly animation, setting the Transition Speed to “Slow.”

That’s it. You now have an opportunity to make some real impact on your audience. I would use this technique sparingly, but make sure to use it and rediscover the power of your spoken word.

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